Love Sheppey X Art Event at Barton’s Point

‘Love Sheppey X’  is an annual Art and Crafts Exhibition which honours the work of local artists from around Kent. In August 2013 exhibits included stunning pieces from renowned creatives such as Natacha Ledwidge, Clarissa Porter, Sevina Yates and Clare Whitt. Here are some photos from the event.

Viking Night

‘Burning of a Viking Long Boat’ – Barton’s Point Coastal Park worked in collaboration with the ‘Promenade Festival’, which is a series of events based upon similar themes at various venues around Sheppey over the course of a weekend every September. The 2013 theme was ancient history and in particular ‘Beowulf’. Thus the Boathouse Cafe was transformed into a Viking Banquet Hall where servants provided Viking Warriors with Rabbit Stew, nuts and berries, before they performed the ritual of burning their Viking Long Boat. Here are some photos of last year’s event. The theme for 2014 will be World War 1.

Halloween at Barton’s Point

We recently held a Halloween event at Barton’s Point to celebrate all things spooky. Here are some photos from the event.